About us

We are two Sicilian choreographers, Antonino CERESIA and Fabio DOLCE, directing the Marseille-based dance company Essevesse.

We have come together to combine our knowledge and artistic visions in order to develop the company’s three main missions via a national and international network: 

  • Creation, by creating multidisciplinary shows that discuss our political and social vision. The stage becomes a poetic space, resonating with the sounds of our dances.
  • Research, by setting up workshops for our target audiences, that are created in collaboration with other professionals to enrich our knowledge and develop our teaching tools.
  • Health, through therapeutic sessions using dance and art therapy.

our Artworks

Our work is politically engaged, and considers social issues and their evolution overtime. Additionally the work is technically demanding, merging the techniques we have acquired throughout our career. 

These techniques serve our research of a meticulous choreographic work, nourished by the attention we put on the state of the dancing bodies, and the relation between the body and the space. 

Our dance, like poetry in movement, reflects our desire to open up an abstract space for the audience, so that they can relate to it through their own experience, their own interpretation and their own feelings. 


our Actions

Enriched of our experience in leading workshops, we offer specific tailored workshops for all audiences in order to explore the principles at the core of each performance. Our objective: to raise awareness of the Arts, and to develop our audience and that of the venues hosting us. 

Working with a wide international network with support by the European ERASMUS programme, we are developing our research into the use of dance as a tool for non-formal education and personal development. We do this through projects with a strong social impact for different audiences

We also create training courses for anyone working in the social field, to make dance accessible to as many people as possible.

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  • The creation of shows that aim to awaken the public’s attention to current issues, through poetic and sophisticated dance and staging ;
  • international collaborative research into the use of dance and culture to improve social well-being. 

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