Cie Essevesse was founded by choreographer and dancer Antonino Ceresia in 2013 in Marseille. In 2018 choreographer and dancer Fabio Dolce became Cie Essevesse’s co-director.

Both Sicilian artists came together to combine their knowledge and artistic visions to develop the three main directions of the company: creation, education and raise awareness of dance & body expression. Central to their research is the relationship between the relentlessness of the creative process and the attention to the evolution of the contemporary world. They showcase instinctive movements, which are intrinsically linked to the emotions invoked by the world around them, seen in their own movement language. Their choreographic signature can be seen in their performances which embody their interest in working with a wide variety of art, from urban / alternative contexts to theatrical scenes.

In doing so, they wish to attract a vast and diversified audience to make them aware of the importance of being mindful of the progress of the arts, but also appreciative of the artistic heritage around us. Simultaneously the two choreographers are developing new approaches for self-empowerment and social inclusion, using body expression as a non-formal education tool. They continuously aim to reach as many people as possible through European projects as this allows them to collaborate with partners all over Europe with a single overarching goal, together towards a better world.

Le Cantique des Créatures
(new artwork 2023-2024)

An obvious fact emerged after the work around “La Commedia Divina #like4like” : the Italian poetry of the Middle Ages continues its role of muse within their creativity and they allow themselves to be subjugated by The Canticle of Creatures by Francis of Assisi.
From Dante to Francis a new research where poetry takes dance by the hand in a duet that opens the way to the enchantment of a sought-after movement, in a dialogue between the arts and heritage.

(on going project)

Sensitive to the topics of gender-identity and diversity, Antonino and Fabio are committed to participate in the fight for equal rights, through the expression of gesture, within the diversity of gender: transgender, non-binary, people who question their gender identity. The transformation of the body and the freedom of its representation are the main inspiration for the artists, who wish to explore all the poetry that emerges from it. To do so, Antonino and Fabio, in collaboration with Transat association, have created an artistic project with a strong social impact : Danses-en-trans.

Danses-en-trans - workshops

Fabio & Antonino propose a weekly dance workshop, open to every transgender or non-binary person, at the Théâtre de l’Œuvre Marseille.

The participants are free to go to the dance workshop whenever they feel. No need to have particular skills to participate.

The free and individual expression is enhanced as well as the cohesion of the group.

Every friday, 4.30pm-6.30pm.

Danses-en-trans - performance

The artistes propose an intense dance workshop of 3 days (4-5 hours per day) to create a performance with the participants who will wish to take part in this creative adventure.

It will be an opportunity for them to rise their voice though dance in the public space. The performance are mainly played during significant days for the LGBTQIA+ community.


Théâtre Golovine – associated artists 2020-2022

La Commedia Divina #like4like

The Cie Essevesse has been invited to the world reknown : Festival d’Avignon 

with their work:

La Commedia Divina #like4like.

Fabio and Antonino have been associated artists at the Théâtre Golovine for 2 years, and their collaboration ended with the invitation to the festival.

More than 700 people have seen the work and the PRESS has been unanimous with very good critics that  brought La Commedia Divina #like4like as an HIGHKIGHT of more than 1500 pieces played during the festival. 


Some Press

“The undeniable success of this piece is the dance. The two choreographers and the sublime dancer Sakiko Oishi are remarkable for their perfection in what they want to bring to the set… This version 2.22 of the Divine Comedy questions, jostles and rocks at the same time…” Emmanuel Serafini – Le Bruit du Off
“As Forsythe plays with his exotic attributes to reinvent a coded vocabulary, here the spikes have the right of residence as tools as much as magical, magnetic objects, transforming bodies into hybrid, beautiful and moving beings” Geneviève Charras – L’amuse- dance !