Les Trans Dansent !

The creation ‘Les Trans Dansent!’ , is unchartered territory for Fabio & Antonino who dream of a society based on deep acceptance of diversity and open-mindedness. Ready for the voluntary effort that any change requires, they reflect on the phenomenon of TRANSITION and let themselves be captivated by the prefix ‘TRANS’.
They hypothesize: what if the future is TRANS?
Trans means ‘beyond’: beyond stereotypes? beyond a religion? beyond an aesthetic? beyond prejudice? beyond social codes, not those that frame freedom but those that prevent communion?
The living body is in perpetual transition, it is a condition that every humain being experiences ‘beyond’ self-will.
Whether natural or voluntary, trans-formation happens with a creative manifestation where the boundaries between the inside and the outside of the being are drawn, where the encounter between Oneself and the Other is played out. The choreographers are delighted to celebrate this opportunity to create a message of inclusion through dance and the meeting of bodies, without pronouns to justify, to tell, just truths: each interprets their own.
They therefore want to put themselves at the heart of the work with the participants and enjoy the moments of research and performance together, experiencing the studio, the stage, the dance, the bodies, the sweat, the fatigue, the emotion, all this shared between professional dancers and amateur dancers:
What can we do: TOGETHER?

Conception: Fabio Dolce & Antonino Ceresia

Choreography: Fabio Dolce & Antonino Ceresia in collaboration with the participants

Interpretation: Coline, Lee, Liam, Alex, Marlay, Oscar, Sasha, Emma

Music: Phanuel Erdman

Supports: the Théâtre de l’Œuvre Marseille, Pôle 164, Coco Velten, Pride Marseille, the Delta Festival, the Town Hall of the 4th and 5th arrondissement of Marseille.

In collaboration with Transat Asso.