Dante triptych - III


Is the third part of the journey that Antonino and Fabio make with Dante Alighieri and his Comedy.
After many moments of research and interrogation, Antonino and Fabio decide not to represent Dante’s tale and they rely on the structure, the form, the use and the specificities of the poem depicting the parallelism between two eras when the emblematic questions of society communicate as through a mirror.
Questions that are represented through two art forms so different but so united by the very essence of both, writing. They intervene on inspiring questions: What are the social themes that we want to defend? What is the language of tomorrow? What is happening around us? And love in all this ?
Wanting to create a universe of living allegories that is built through key images of “La Comedìa”, the two choreographers, in collaboration with visual artist Nicolas Clauss and composer Romain Aweduti, develop an installation/performance opening a braided path without a defined timeline through a poem, the artists lead the audience on a journey between the living and the digital.

Conception, choreography, light, costumes: Fabio Dolce & Antonino Ceresia

Interpretation: Fabio Dolce & Antonino Ceresia

Music composer and interpretation : Romain Aweduti

Videos: Nicolas Clauss


Italy: Teatri di Vita, Bologne.

France: Espace Dantza, Pau – Scene 44, n+n Corsino – Dans les Parages, Cie La Zouze,  Christophe Haleb – Coco Velten, Marseille.

Institutions: La Region SUD, la Ville de Marseille