Enriched by the techniques acquired during our respective careers and the societal evolution of our world, our work stands for a committed dance.

They are put at the service of a meticulous choreographic writing and a search for a state of body in movement that is specific to each artwork. 

Our dance, like poetry in motion, reflects the desire to open an abstract space for the audience so that they can find themselves through what they see, what they feel, their own interpretation.

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l'un contre l'autre

Our research finds its source in the cross over between dance, the art of drag, lyrical song, music and light, like a dance between bodies and arts.

A desire to create a dance that resonates with the vibrations of diverse and complementary art forms, that responds to the cry of a Creature, perhaps of Mother Earth, or a Siren, like a blade that comes to recall the wishes of the Saint of Assisi: the respect of Mother Earth “cum tucte le sue creature”.


Performances with amateur dancers

Danse-en-Trans, formerly known as ‘Les Trans Dansent!’ is an evolving form created by Fabio and Antonino to facilitate the coexistence of the singularities of human beings through the expression of the performing arts.

This project is designed to give a voice to amateur Trans, non-binary and gender identity questioning people who wish to use the stage to express themselves in public, through dance.


La Divina Commedia – Third part

This latest work sees the culmination of Fabio and Antonino’s work, inspired by Dante Alighieri’s master piece. Video, visual arts, poetry, music and dance are brought together for this journey.

A video and visual installation, followed by a dance and musical performance. A journey along which they guide the spectators into a place they wish to take over. The idea is to give the place a different identity, to look at it differently, from a more poetic angle: the poetry of sensations (visual and auditory).


La Divina Commedia – Second part

OFF-AVIGNON Théâtre Golovine – associate artists 2020-2022

In this second work based on Dante’s Comedy, the two choreographers and performers develop an hour-long multidisciplinary show.

Following in the footsteps of the writer, they stage the socio-political struggles of humanity, using the new codes of today’s language: social networks and their #, and revisiting the codes of masculine and feminine through the use of pointe shoes and high heels.


La Divina Commedia – First part

This first part is the result of the artists’ initial research inspired by Dante’s work: The Divine Comedy, around a choreographic language that calls for the inclusion and coexistence of diversity, highlighting the dependence on the Other in order to exist.

A 20-minute dance duet with a live pianist. 

It exists in 2 forms: man + man + musician, and man + woman + musician.


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L'esaltazione del cielo

with Pippo Madè

This performance was created for a CHARITY PROJECT for the children of La Casa del Sorriso in Sicily, and pays tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi and his Canticle of the Creatures, the first poetry in the Italian language, through a diversity of artistic forms and points of view.

The project was created to promote Art among the most disadvantaged children through dance workshops and the opportunity to attend a free multidisciplinary show.

A choir of sixty singers, two classical musicians, an electronic musician, a choirmaster and three dancers take to the stage.

Experimental HarpDance

Experimental HarpDance is the fruit of experimental research combining dance and music. Nothing is set in stone here. The musician and the dancers exchange roles on stage in an innovative dialogue.

The harp delivers both its pure, pious sounds and its bold, experimental ones, using tools such as a screwdriver. At the same time, the dance alternates between graceful lines and instinctive movements

Experimental Harpdance is a performance in constant evolution, its form a discovery with each performance.


Assuming that the human being’s perception of the world is partial, Antonino is interested in the body that creates the link between man’s essence and everything around him. The link between the soul and concrete space

The world is a continuous alternation of ON and OFF activities, and every experience stems from the nature of this binary formula. Perception is its fruit.  Antonino is immersed in a process that leads him to illuminate the imperceptible: a play between the individual, space and the matter that surrounds him.

Red Falling

Five facets of a woman in search of physical and mental change.

The journey of a metamorphosis that takes place with the individuality of each performer. It leads to a chain reaction based on the symbolism of the five-pointed star represented by Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, who is trying to break away from the one in order to become self-centred.

Nel Blu

A man becomes a memory: does he live it? Does he suffer? Does he want to forget it or simply share fragments of his life with the world? 

This is a poem about a man of war who lets a river of images flow through him, and this water will wash him, give him a new skin. This is the moment when the passage takes place, a moment of purification where rebirth creates a new version of this man.

Ne Bouge Pas

A step backwards, a very big step: a leap of fifteen years. The duality of a man faced with his most beautiful and most painful memory. 

A journey in reverse, where we see the two facets of a man, at times in contrast, at others supporting each other and in unison. 

A man doubled over, a man who falls, who gets up, who fights and who seeks support and love in the midst of this memory.

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