Artwork 2018

L’esaltazione del cielo, con Pippo Madè
(Charity Project)

This performance was created for a CHARITY PROJECT for the children of La Casa del Sorriso in Sicily, and pays tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi and his Canticle of the Creatures, the first poetry in the Italian language, through a diversity of artistic forms and points of view. The project was created to promote art among the most disadvantaged children through dance workshops and the chance to attend a free multidisciplinary performance. More than 60 children took advantage of this opportunity to learn about dance, painting, classical and electronic music, singing and the art of light.
The common thread running through the whole project is the bridge between traditional and modern arts. Reassessing the artistic heritage, the two Sicilian choreographers embrace the most experimental art forms in order to reach out to a heterogeneous audience, exploring and reinforcing an alertness towards the creative process, shedding new light on works from the past. The dance performance takes place among paintings by Maestro Pippo Madè, and is immersed in a musical universe composed of electronic music by composer Phanuel Erdmann, alternating with the religious voices of the Sancte Joseph choir conducted by Maestro Mauro Visconti and accompanied by piano and oboe. All the performers become a living scenography that manipulates the lighting design throughout the performance.

Partenaires Institutionnels: 

Ville de Palerme – Ville de Monreale – Festinalente – ARS Regione Sicilia – Università di Palermo – Institut Français de Palerme

Sponsors et partenaires:

Fiasconaro – Filpio Cars – Costanzo Trasporti – Pana Studio – Stage Centro Danza