ART WORK 2024/25

l' Un contre l'Autre (provisional title)

Inspired by the call of Francis of Assisi to respect the Creation through his poem The Canticle of Creatures, the artists of the Cie Essevesse wish to bring the audience together and invite them to reflect on LOVE : for oneself, for the others and for nature.
In our historical context, caring for the earth is an essential challenge. How can we use poetry on stage to help raise awareness on this crucial matter?

This question has initiated the current work l’Un contre l’Autre.
Two main lines of research have emerged from our explorations: duality and the creature.

Duality seems to us to represent the sine-qua-non condition of the human being in its most raw state: the relationship between two, the inevitable dependency on others, the need for self-assertion, emptiness, encounter, love, absence, combat, reconciliation, good, evil, Yin and Yang. It takes shape through our dance : two bodies moving in a space, alone and together.

The creature questions a more dreamy space, which recounts bestiality inspired by mythological figures, desires, fantasies, extravagance…

The intertwining of these two axes on stage creates a journey between the concrete and the ephemeral, reality and dreams, love and hope…

Our starting point is pure movement, the need to confront a state of fragility on stage through a silence punctuated by breaths and a demanding choreographic language.

At the same time, we explore the universe of the creature, its essence, its meaning, through the body in metamorphosis and sounds such as:

“the moaning of the wind, the sound of the stars…

the impulse to evolve, to change…

the sound of a voice that, as in the past, sings a timeless tale that would call for order before disorder, making new stories…“.

Dance, popular song, lyrical song and live music are brought together to give shape to this new piece thanks to the collaboration between four artists:

  • Loic Basille, opera singer – drag artist
  • Romain Aweduti, pop musician-composer-singer
  • Fabio Dolce and Antonino Ceresia, choreographers-dancers