Improve by Move

Project number : – 2020-1-PL01-KA227-YOU096483

Leader: Fundacja Sempre a Frente (Poland) 

Partners: NICOLA project (United-Kingdom), Cie Essevesse (France)

Kay Action: KA2  – cooperation in innovation and the exchange of good practices

Type d’Action: KA205 – M

Period: April 2021 – December 2022

A project that aims to create a training program for educators who wish to use dance as a tool for non-formal education.
Through Improve By Move, the consortium wishes to reflect on the provision of certain basics of dance for the benefit of creativity, so that educators interested in using this form of art with their groups of young people, can seize the program and continue to train, thereafter, in the other programs that we develop through our research and our methodology.
The program does not present adaptations for people with disabilities, however do not hesitate to contact us if necessary, we can send you useful links.


KickOff Meeting - Lublin - Poland

Fabio and Antonino traveled to Lublin, Poland, and met the consortium during the kick-off meeting held by Fundacja Sempre a Frente.
Period: July the 6th and 7th, 2021
It was time to define the roadmap for the next 18 months.
  • From July to November 2021, the partners have thought about 9 workshops: 4 for integration and 5 of dance, in order to provide a program that presents the necessary information and activities so that educators can carry out dance workshops with their groups.
  • It is up to us, Cie Essevesse, to organize the next transnational meeting in France in order to welcome the partners and their educators to train them with the dance program.

Training in France for the educators

Fabio and Antonino received and trained 15 educators: 5 from France, 5 from Poland and 5 from the United Kingdom, in the training program created during the Improve By Move project.
The town hall of Tholonet and the Pavillon Sainte Victoire opened the doors to our artists with a co-production.
Period: from November the 29th to December the 3rd, 2021
It was time to film the workshops in order to create the tutorials that will be made available for free on YOUTUBE.
  • Now that the partners are trained in the program, each will offer the 9 workshops to two groups of 15 young people to validate the methodology.
  • The video tutorials are being produced by Francesco Biondi, who filmed the training in France. The tutorials will present the activities of the 5 dance workshops as well as the warm-up and stretching. The 4 integration workshops will be presented in the booklet that we will produce and make available virtually.

Test of the workshops with young people

Our artists tested the workshops with 30 young people, two SEGPA classes from the Sacre Coeur school in Marseille, in order to validate the methodology put in place.
Period: from February the 23rd to May the 3rd, 2022

The consortium met in London for the last Transnational Meeting held by NICOLA.

This meeting has permitted to share the experience of all partners (in their country) with the implementation of the dance program and elaborate the content of the Manual that will be shared for the educators, complementary to the video tutorials.


Period: on the 30th, 31sr of August  and the 1st of September, 2022

From September to December 2022, the partners have finalised the video tutorials that you will find in our YOUTUBE CHANNEL with the Manual for éducateurs, that you will find in the description of each video.

The Multiplier Event happened in Marseille on the 8th of December 2022

At Coco Velten

Space: La Halle

6pm to 7pm CET.

This event has been the occasion to launch the program and present the experience to all the stakeholders interested in the DANCE tool.

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