inspired by the Canticle of Creatures by Francis of Assisi

 Our research finds its source in the meeting between dance, the art of drag, lyrical song, music and light, like a dance between bodies and arts. A desire to create a dance that resonates with the vibrations of diverse and complementary art forms, that responds to the cry of a Creature, perhaps of Mother Earth, or a Siren, like a blade that comes to recall the wishes of the Saint of Assisi: the respect of Mother Earth “cum tucte le sue creature”.


Les Trans Dansent!

The work ‘Les Trans Dansent!’ , is uncharted territory for the artists who dream of a society based on deep acceptance of diversity and open-mindedness. Ready for the voluntary effort that any change requires, Fabio & Antonino reflect on the phenomenon of TRANSITION and let themselves be captivated by the prefix ‘TRANS’.

They hypothesize: what if the future is TRANS?


TRYPTIC DANTE - III : #lacommedia

This last part sees the culmination of the work of Fabio and Antonino inspired by the work of Dante whose complexity is reflected by an approach that mobilizes Video, Visual Arts, Poetry, Music and Dance. They conceived this piece as a journey during which they guide the audience within a venue they wish to invest, through one or more rooms. It is a question of giving this place another identity to observe it differently from a more poetic angle, the poetry of sensations (visual and auditory). The trip includes a video installation by Nicolas Clauss, an installation of tutus and a declamation by Fabio and Antonino, followed by a 35-minute dance performed by the two artists, all imbued with the sound universe created by Romain Aweduti who plays live (Drums, NikelHarpa, Machines)


TRYPTIC DANTE - II : La Commedia Divina #like4like

In this second part of their work, the two choreographers-performers develop their approach to Dante’s Comedy in a one-hour show. In the footsteps of the writer, they stage the socio-political battles of Humanity by mobilizing the new codes of current language: social networks and their # as well as the ‘snaking’ of information.
Dances, Sound Design and Visual Arts simultaneously become a mirror that poetically and aesthetically questions the place of the Virtual and of Love in today’s world.
Quintet composed of 3 dancers: Fabio, Antonino, Sakiko Oishi; visual artist: Nicolas Clauss; the composer – musician: Romain Aweduti (Cello, NikelHarpa, Machines).


TRYPTIC DANTE - I : #duodivin

This first part is the result of the beginnings of the artists’ research that Dante and his Comedy inspired them, around a choreographic language that claims the inclusion and coexistence of diversities, highlighting the dependence on the Other to exist. 

Two dancers (man – man version: Antonino – Fabio; woman – man version: Sakiko Oishi – Fabio) and the composer – musician Romain Aweduti (Piano and Machines).

20 minute trio.



L’esaltazione del cielo, con Pippo Madè


This project is a first attempt for the artists to pay tribute to St. Francis of Assisi and his Canticle of Creatures, the first poem written in Italian according to the earliest historical preserved proofs. The project, imagined by Fabio Dolce and realized in collaboration with Antonino Ceresia, is conceived to bring and promote arts for the children of La Casa del Sorriso, a NGO in Monreale, Sicily. The action is composed of 2 free workshops for children (more than 60 children participeted) and a free performance for them and people from Monreale.


Experimental Harpdance

Experimental HarpDance is the result of experimental research combining dance and music created by three Sicilian artists who bring together the harp (Giorgia Panasci) and dance (Antonino and Fabio). Here nothing is frozen, the musician and the dancers exchange their roles on stage in an innovative dialogue. The traditional instrument delivers both pure and pious but daring and experimental sounds with the help of tools such as a screwdriver. At the same time the dance alternates between graceful lines and instinctive animal movements. It is important for the three artists that there is no relationship of power between the two arts, which coexist in total harmony. Experimental Harpdance is a performance in continuous evolution; its form is a discovery at each performance.    




Assuming that the perception of the world by the human being is partial, Antonino is interested in the body as a vessel that links the essence of a man to everything around him; the link between the soul and concrete space. The world is a continuous alternation of ON and OFF activities and each experience comes from the nature of this binary formula. Perception is its derivate, all forms and phenomenon in the universe express ON and OFF, and our senses are such that we are able to perceive ON and not OFF. However, without the OFF, we would not experience the complexity of our perception. Antonino is immersed in a process that leads him to highlight the imperceptible; a game between the individual, the space and the material that surrounds them.  



This piece is about the five facets of a woman seeking physical and mental change. They experience the course of a metamorphosis which is carried out with the individuality of each performer, leading to a chain reaction based on the symbolism of the five-pointed star represented by Leonardo Da Vinci, “the Vitruvian Man”, who tries to break away from one to become self-centred. The choreographer thus develops a set of chain reactions dictated by the trigger, leading the performers to search for the features that characterize them. The piece comes about from a common desire from the French Institute in Palermo assisted by the choreographer Fabio Dolce. Following this experience, the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, promotes the production of a film of Red Falling.  



A man becomes a memory: does he live it? Suffer? Would he like to forget it or simply share fragments of his life with the world? A poem that tells of a man of war, who lets himself be crossed by a river of images, and this water that washes him will give him a new skin. This is the moment when change takes place, a moment of purification in which rebirth creates a new version of this man. This piece was made for the tenth anniversary of the Made in Cannes Festival under the direction of René Corbier and La Nuit des Etoiles in Mougins under the direction of Paola Cantalupo.


Ne bouge pas

A step back, a very big step: a jump of fifteen years back. The duality of a man facing his most beautiful and painful memory. A reverse flow, where we see the two facets of a man, at times in contrast, at others supporting each other and agreeing in unison. A doubled man, a man who falls, who gets up, who fights and who seeks support and love within this memory. The two dancers observe and disown the weaknesses of the other, embodying the split of a man’s being and all the distress he must experience. This piece would wish to be perceived as the story of a single being, formed by the duality of this man and the disturbing yet sensual image of this woman, who remains forever present in his memory. Ne Bouge Pas is supported by Klap maison pour la danse in Marseille.