Discover Laurent Bourbousson’s podcast with Fabio and Antonino – Festival + De Genre at Klap, Marseille

We’re delighted to share Laurent Bourbousson’s PODCAST.
Laurent interviewed Fabio and Antonino about the programme presented at the +De Genre festival at Klap Maison Pour la Danse, on 16 March 2024 at 6pm.
L’Un contre l’Autre, a magnificent duet with chiselled writing. A perfect illustration of the relationship with the other, breath becomes the metronome of movement…”. ____ Laurent B.
A big thank you to Laurent Bourbousson for the time dedicated to our artists and the Cie’s projects.
The 16th was sold out 🙂
We are delighted to share our work with the audience of Marseille, and we are looking forward for the next one.
To be continued…