ART WORK 2024/25

l' Un contre l'Autre (provisional title)

After three years of research (2019-2022), during which the company worked on a triptych paying homage to Dante’s Comedy, Fabio and Antonino continue their work with Italian poetry, which remains the basis of their new creation L’UN CONTRE L’AUTRE, inspired by the Canticle of the Creatures and the life of its author, Francis of Assisi.
Written in the twilight of his life, the Canticle is a magnificent ode to creation, inviting people to love one another and to respect Mother Earth and all her creatures. It is considered a precursor of ecology.
The study of this work and the life of Francis of Assisi, a man of sin who discovered that he was a man of faith, led to a profound reflection on the duality inherent in every human creature and the basis of a vital dependence on the other, on one’s friend, on one’s enemy…
This creation brings together dancing bodies, high heels and vibrating strings, like a bridge between stage writing and artists.
It reveals a deep desire to share the bond of friendship between the choreographers, who, on stage, lose themselves in each other, one with the other, responding to the cry of a creature… perhaps a mermaid… calling for order before disorder. One against the other.
“From poetry to dance, from dance to thought, from thought to action…..