The Dance Against Bullying project expands in Paris. It takes also new forms.

Publication of Journal No. 43 from Collège César Franck in Paris: A Dance Workshop to Combat Bullying at School

The Secondary School César Franck

in Paris is proud to announce the publication of its newspaper No. 43, highlighting the work of dancer and choreographer Antonino Ceresia. 

As part of the event, a number of pupils, who are spokespeople for their school and involved in its communications, took part in a dance workshop led by the artist. 
The aim of the workshop was to combat bullying at school by offering young people a new form of expression. In their CCFNEWS, the students shared what they describe as a “rare” moment, expressing through dance what they cannot always put into words. We congratulate these young people on their commitment and their remarkable journalistic work. 
Many thanks also to the Parisian association Apertura and Maria Spera for their invaluable collaboration.

Fabio & Antonino are preparing a new format for schools, to be continued...