With Transgender & Non-binaty persons

Les Trans Dansent!‘ in English: ‘Trans (people) Dance!’ is the name of an awareness-raising and creation action with a group of transgender and non-binary people.
Antonino and Fabio created this project in collaboration with the Marseillese Transat association to give a dance voice to the participants.
Théâtre de l’Oeuvre hosted the company for 3 workshops open to transgender & non-binary people and 3 days of research for a performance created with Sasha, Oscar-Rosza, Emma, Coline and Lee for the May 17th, 2021, day of global fight against transphobia and homophobia. The performance was open to all in the garden of the Marseillese association ‘Mémoire des sexualités‘.
The 2 choreographers are particularly keen to give the opportunity to minorities to express the unspeakable through the body and the ephemeral.