With Transgender & Non-binary persons

Sensitive to the topics of gender-identity and diversity, Antonino and Fabio are committed to participate in the fight for equal rights, through the expression of gesture, within the diversity of gender: transgender, non-binary, people who question their gender identity. The transformation of the body and the freedom of its representation are the main inspiration for the artists, who wish to explore all the poetry that emerges from it. To do so, Antonino and Fabio, in collaboration with Transat association, have created an artistic project with a strong social impact : Danses-en-trans 

The project started in 2021 and was known as Les Trans Dansent ! . It has changed its name after the participants’will. It is crucial for the choreographers to let the project evolve with their needs.

Its first aim is to give the opportunity to non-binary & transgender people to express their deep emotions through dance, within a safe space. It is an ongoing project over the year 2022 through:

– dance workshops aimed for self-exploration and expression as an individual and within a group;

– the creation of a performance presented to the audience, in order to exist in the public space and share their word thorough dance.

Mylène Chrisso made a documentary (16 min) during the first workshop made in 2021, which represents the first meeting between the artists and the first transgender and non-binary participants at the Théâtre de l’Œuvre. They performed the very first performance at Memoire des Sexualités on the 17th of May 21, world-day of the fight against transphobia and homophobia.

This object, valuing the experience lived by the participants, is an educational tool to raise awareness of trans-identity, intended for the general audience.

Danses-en-trans project! is supported by the Théâtre de l’Œuvre, the Pôle 164, Coco Velten, Montévidéo, the Delta Festival, the Pride Marseille, the Town Hall of the 4th-5th arrondissement, the City of Marseille.