La Commedia Divina #like4like

For this piece, the two Sicilian artists wish to give a lively and dynamic look to a work that has been revisited many times: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. They wish to develop a choreographic and musical moment, supported by a video installation, expressing the complexity of the relationship between a work and its author, Dante and La Divine Comédie: at the very moment of creation and once the work has been delivered to the public.
“Inspired by this monument of Italian literature, we present our comedy: If I were Dante today, how would I describe my spiritual journey using the means by which I best express myself?
For us it is the body and the performing arts united with music and visual art.
Dante’s reflections at the time are the ones that guide us today in the creative process: what are the social themes that we want to defend? What language is developing today that will probably be the language of tomorrow? What is going on around us? And love in all this ? “ »
The three duets which represent the bases of creation of this comedy (#duointention, #duodivin, #duohandmade), today intertwine taking shape in a single piece which is inspired by the image very dear to Dante, idealizing God like three concentric circles of white, red and green color.
The musician, performers and video will exchange protagonist roles throughout the piece. The use of any material available by each venue for an original and unique scenography for each performance, is an essential clause for the artists because it nourishes the very essence of their creativity and it supports the imminent need for “recovery and recycling ”, themes very dear to the two choreographers.