L’esaltazione del cielo, con Pippo Madè

Charitable Project

This project is a first attempt for the artists to pay tribute to St. Francis of Assisi and his Canticle of Creatures, the first poem written in Italian according to the earliest historical preserved proofs. The project, imagined by Fabio Dolce and realized in collaboration with Antonino Ceresia, is conceived to bring and promote arts for the children of La Casa del Sorriso, a NGO in Monreale, Sicily. The action is composed of 2 free workshops for children (more than 60 children participeted) and a free performance for them and people from Monreale. The guiding thread of the whole project is the bridge between traditional and modern arts. Re-evaluating the artistic heritage, the two Sicilian choreographers embrace the most experimental art forms in order to sensitize a heterogeneous audience, exploring and enhancing an alert towards creative process, giving a new light to past artworks. The dance show unfolds among the paintings signed by the Maestro Pippo Madè, and is immersed in a musical universe comprising the electronic music by Composer Phanuel Erdmann, alternating with the religious voices of a choir (Sancte Joseph directed by Maestro Mauro Visconti) accompanied by a piano and an oboe. All the performers become an alive scenography that manipulates the light design throughout the performance.


Institutional Partnerships: 

Council of Palerme – Council of Monreale – Festinalente – ARS Regione Sicilia – Università di Palermo – Institut Français de Palerme

Sponsors et partners:

Fiasconaro – Filpio Cars – Costanzo Trasporti – Pana Studio – Stage Centro Danza