Inspired by the Canticle of Creature (Francis of Assisi)

Also called “Canticle of Brother Sun”, this major work earned its author the title of “Patron Saint of Ecologists” in 1979. Written in the twilight of his life by Francis of Assisi, the Canticle of Creatures is an ode to Creation. It invites the Human being to mutual love and respect of mother Earth, sister Moon and brother Sun… Our research finds its source in the meeting between dance, the art of drag, lyrical song, music and light, like a dance between bodies and arts. A desire to create a dance that resonates with the vibrations of diverse and complementary art forms, that responds to the cry of a Creature, perhaps of Mother Earth, or a Siren, like a blade that comes to recall the wishes of the Saint of Assisi: the respect of Mother Earth “cum tucte le sue creature”. This is the starting point of the new creation of the Essevesse Company, where Fabio and Antonino stage one of the very first poems written in vulgar language, now recognized as a precursory text on the need for a planet to be respected.
The two choreographers want to create a performance in which light is a true companion of the stage that draws a path where the sacred and the profane parade to the rhythm of a ceremony, and detect the duality that echoes the two facets of the existence of the poet and saint: a man of sin who transforms himself into a man of times. The religious strength of the poet is answered by the profane character of the performers on stage.” From poetry to dance, from dance to thought, from thought to action…. “.