The company

The company  Essevesse  was founded by Antonino Ceresia  in 2013 in Marseille. In 2018 Fabio Dolce joined the association in the role of co-director. The two Sicilian artists come together to combine their knowledge and artistic visions to develop the two main axes of the company: creation and education / awareness.

The balance between the creative process always in tension and the attention to the evolution of the contemporary world, occupies a significant place in their research. This guides them towards the unleashing of instinctive movements, which intrinsically linked to the emotions related to the world around them, become their own movement language. Their peculiarity comes about as a result of creating performances, both in urban / alternative contexts and in theatrical scenes, which gives voice to new forms of expression such as numerical art, experimental music, etc; at the same time re-evaluating the traditional arts such as classical music, painting and sculpture, forming their choreographic signature.

In doing so, they wish to involve a vast and diversified audience, making them aware of the importance of being, on the one hand, in step with the progress of the arts, and on the other of appreciating, at the same time, the artistic heritage that surrounds us. Alongside their thirst for choreographic experimentation stimulated by continuous technological progress, Fabio and Antonino hold a privileged place for gesture and movement poetry.

Simultaneously the two choreographers built up a laboratory where they develop approaches for self-empowerment and social inclusion, using body expression as a non-formal education tool. They continuously aim to reach as many people as possible with their practice via European projects that allow them to cooperate with partners all over Europe, with various profiles, in order to share each other’s experience and work together towards a better world.

The choreographers


Fabio trained at the Academy of Teatro Massimo in Palermo, the National Dance Academy in Rome and the National Dance Academy of Rosella Hightower in Cannes. He started his international career in Italy joining the Corps de Ballet of Teatro Massimo and the Corps de ballet of Teatro Politeama in Palermo and Astra Roma Ballet company in Rome. He continued in France with Cannes Jeune Ballet , CCN Ballet de Lorraine and CHATHA dance company, and ended up in the UK with Shobana Jeyasingh, De Nada Dance Theater and Edifice Dance Theater. After dancing master pieces in the choreographic world by the most renowned choreographers, such as William Forsythe and Merce Cunningham or Mathilde Monnier and Maria La Ribot, he currently is pursuing his career as a freelance artist and performer, collaborating with other artists developing his creative and pedagogical skills while working with amateurs, schools, dance/ drama conservatoires, community centres, and professional dance companies as well as with people suffering from physical and mental disabilities.


Antonino trained at the Academy of Teatro Massimo in Palermo and the National Dance Academy of Rosella Hightower in Cannes. He started his international career in Italy with the Corps de ballet of Teatro Massimo in Palermo, the Aterballetto in Reggio Emilia and the Maggio Fiorentino in Florence. He pursued in France at the Cannes Jeune Ballet, the Bordeaux Opera House, the Nice Opera House and the Ballet d’Europe, dancing for Monique Loudieres, Jean Charles Gil, Kelemenis and others. Being the founder of Cie Essevesse, Antonino’s choreographies have been chosen to be shown among international dance festivals such as Cannes Dance Festival, 31st Hannover festival, Onze Bouge in Paris and others. He studied the pedagogy of dance in France and obtained his diploma in ballet and contemporary dance, which allowed him to enhance his skills serving education and raising awareness of arts working with many schools and community centres. Antonino has been in charge of the ‘Raising Awareness of Dance’ program at the Marseille Opera House for more than ten years.

La Commedia Divina #like4like



La Commedia Divina #like4like

The show is postponed (date to be defined), cause COVID-19

Date originally planned:

November 6th, Atelier Dantza, France.

19 Rue Bourbaki,

64000 Pau